A historic event in Psychology. Scientists from Odessa are at Szondi-Institut in Zürich

A historic event in the world science. Scientists from Odessa are at Szondi-Institut (Zürich, Switzerland) – the heart of the European Psychology. It’s a new countdown in the history of the world Psychology. Odessa- Zürich

 The historic event took place in Zürich at Szondi-Institut on October 25-26, 2016. Meeting of the scientists resulted in a long-term cooperation between the Szondi-Institut (Switzerland) and the Scientific Research Institute “The International

Fate-Analysis Community” (Odessa, Ukraine). Now the Fate-Psychology standard is handed down to the SRI “The International Fate-Analysis Community”!
An official delegation from Odessa in the face of the scientists: Oleg V. Maltsev, Scientist, Head of the Ukrainian Institute of Fate-Analysis (Odessa, Ukraine)
Michael I. Vigdorchik, PhD in Medical Sciences, Specialist in the field of Psychoanalysis and Psycho-diagnostics, Teacher and Partner of Mr Oleg Maltsev (Odessa, Ukraine)
Leonid M. Gudkin, Practicing Specialist, Director of the Clinic “Neues Jerusalem”

Scientists had an official meeting in Zürich with Professor Friedjung Jüttner (Szondi-Institut, Switzerland), the sole alive disciple of Léopold Szondi. Prof. Friedjung Jüttner is the last (to date) student of Lipót Szondi, who knew him personally and who learned from Szondi – the legend of the world psychology. It is worth noting that there are only two institutions of Fate-Psychology in the world: one is in Switzerland, and another one is in Odessa

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